Using the Data Your Firm Generates - The Right Way

Using the Data Your Firm Generates - The Right Way

February 11, 2021

As the IoT develops into the internet of everything, it’s critical that the data your firm is responsible for is not just secure, but accessible and translatable into simple actionable dashboards for your advisers, home office personnel and compliance department teams.

Data is being created by your advisers every minute of every day. Spending on data, analytics and storage is at an all-time high, with the government being one of the big buyers.

At RiskPro®, we provide financial firms with clear insight into their client account data daily. This extremely important aggregated data is quickly analyzed every morning by RiskPro’s algorithm before it reaches the desktop dashboards of the back offices and advisers responsible for the care of their end client’s financial well-being.

Alerts go out to the firm fiduciaries if RiskPro detects possible breeches in the investor’s stated risk tolerance. This detection of risk (that often lurks unseen) is essential for the financial health of the investor, and
the overall health of the firm.

RiskPro’s “batteries included” delivery system means that the hard work has already been done for your firm. Your new insight can begin now by letting us know that you would like us to turn on this revolutionary surveillance tool.


You’re not a data geek?

Well, you’re not alone, and that’s why at RiskPro, we have the geeks to give you a peek into the data you have, no matter how big it is.

Oh, you don’t know how big your data is?

We know that big data is a massive expanding universe, so here are some fun facts about data that you can learn, and still stay completely cool.

You are probably familiar with the term megabyte, or terabyte, but what about peta, exa or zettabytes?

You don’t need to know terms, but you should understand just how fast the data industry is growing. Again, big data is getting bigger by the minute, and the U.S. is leading in creation, consumption, and storage.

Plus, there is an actual epicenter of data storage called the Data Center Alley. This alley is actually located in the state of Virginia, you know, the state for lovers. I wonder if they are making t-shirts yet…“Virginia is for data lovers”.

It’s tough to keep up, let alone stay ahead of the data (which by the way, comes from the Latin word datum). In fact, just for more fun, I sometimes pronounce the word differently in the same conversation; day-ta or dah-ta, there isn’t a correct pronunciation, so use whichever you prefer.

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