Are Your Clients Seeing Red?

Are Your Clients Seeing Red?

May 18, 2021

The visual communication of financial information may not be something you have time to think about deeply, but don’t forget that your clients are taking it in daily…and they may be processing it in a “not so healthy” way.

As you know, visual learning has become extremely popular with the advancement of digital marketing styles and The Internet of Everything (IoE). Electronic information comes at us 24/7. The speed and scale of information has prompted many studies on the neurological effects (good and bad) of digital learning and communication on the brain. As you would suspect, there is a plethora of information to be found regarding data visualization and learning, with one certain statistic that I couldn’t seem to verify, nor get away from. I’m referring to many articles written on a study done in 1998 stating that “65% of the population are visual learners”. The problem with the statistic, verified or not, is that it is 23-years old! The Internet of Things wasn’t born yet, much less the IoE. If the number reveals anything, it is that the logical progression of visual learners must certainly be larger in 2021 as we are all sitting in front of computers or holding them in our hands every day.

Because of this constant stream of visual data, it may be important for financial professionals to know that a new study* reveals that the simple use of color can actually lead an investor to feelings of angst and indecision. If you guessed the color to be red, you are correct. As Americans, the color has been ingrained in our psyche to warn us of something “bad” or “dangerous” from a very young age.

Every adviser working with investors knows that emotions are a portfolio’s worst enemy. It’s the job of the financial adviser to keep the investor on track in the midst of this post-pandemic digital information swirl we live in.  

RiskPro is a state-of-the-art risk profiling, proposal generation, and automated risk surveillance platform that evaluates, clearly defines, and articulates risk for investors, financial professionals, and enterprise compliance and supervision. We were founded by financial advisors, not technologists. At our core, we were built to solve for the emotional triggers and behavioral biases that can have devastating effects on the success of well-built portfolios and plans. 

RiskPro sets every advisor/client relationship off on the right foot with an easy-to-use documented process that is backed by a time-tested methodology and algorithm. RiskPro enhances relationships, keeps clients on track, and monitors portfolios to free up valuable time for everyone involved.

Clear communication is paramount to keeping your office running smoothly and your clientele happy. RiskPro communicates in a way that everyone understands. We have been translating risk on hundreds of thousands of portfolios while also monitoring and warning advisors and back offices of possible trouble.

Using RiskPro to curtail negative investment behavior from digital information triggers is much easier than trying to “hold investor’s hands” during trying times. RiskPro gives you the ability to talk to your client about the process they were a big part of, set their expectations, and allows them to be accountable for their own successes with your help. Reach out to us for more information on how RiskPro can transform your practice.

Citation *Visual Finance: The Pervasive Effects of Red on Investor Behavior William J. Bazley , Henrik Cronqvist, Milica Mormann

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Disclosure: RiskPro® is an investment risk profiling and portfolio construction, and surveillance software as a service platform developed by ProTools, LLC (“ProTools”). ProTools is a technology company headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. RiskPro is a risk analysis tool that provides information only and not intended to provide investment advice. For more information, visit