Revisit those Personal Risk Budgets

Revisit those Personal Risk Budgets

June 27, 2023

When Investors Get Nervous, Irrational Thinking Can Cause Problems

Following global economic data and trying to time the markets is not only exhausting, it's not what valuable financial advisors do to give their clients a successful outcome.

Market timing is a job for experienced tactical money managers that need to make correct calls with trading in an out of markets every time. 

While data shows that individual investors are becoming more upbeat in recent months, there’s still a lot of skepticism out there.

The inertia of a bearish mindset can be hard to break if your clients have been in that state for a while due to news headlines. 

´╗┐Personal Risk Budgets Can Keep Your Clients Thinking More Rationally 

Numerous studies show that investors with financial advisors are far more likely to stay the course and not make hasty moves that may sabotage their financial affairs.1

Having a process that aligns with your client's goals and Personal Risk Budget from RiskPro gives you the ability to reference the original, and/or updated RiskPro Proposal that can serve you and your client as a detailed investment policy statement.

This process will clear the way for your clients to let more rational decision making replace irrational fears. 

Remind your clients that unsettling headlines will never go away because they create advertisement revenue for television networks and content providers. 

RiskPro Proposals that include Personal Risk Budgets are not just good for your clients, but they are a great way to take control of your own business when it comes to regulations you must follow as a investment fiduciary. 

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