Are Your Clients Second-Guessing You?

Are Your Clients Second-Guessing You?

November 09, 2022

Why Use RiskPro? 

   Because investors need clarity to have confidence.

Investors fear the unknown more than the known, and if they don’t have confidence, it’s possible they are second-guessing your investment strategy right now.

If investors weren't expecting the huge role a volatile stock and bond market could play in their portfolios, feeling comfortable with the investment choices they made could be very difficult. 

RiskPro reduces anxiety by painting a clearer picture for the investor before they invest. RiskPro also gives advisors an ongoing, updated picture of changes in their client’s portfolios caused by economic uncertainty and market volatility.

It looks like the big bull run that began in 2009 is finally giving in to the bears, which we all knew was bound to happen at some point. The problem is, investors may not remember any of the education you presented to them in the past, especially if it wasn’t personalized to their own situation, or their own feelings about risk.

A historical mountain chart may let an investor know that bull and bear markets are normal, but it’s just not personal enough for them when they are in the midst of a historic market downturn.  

RiskPro gives your clients a true Personal Risk Budget, one that they’ve had a hand in creating. This means the investment decisions they made with your guidance were based on that personalized budget.

So now, if they are feeling uncertain about their decisions, you can review that budget with them and allow them to decide (with your help) whether their budget should be adjusted.

Most advisors know that bear markets tend to be the best time to find new clients as many investors aren’t getting what they expected from their current advisor and may be considering a change.

Having a clear Personal Risk Budget as the anchor for their financial plan can give investors the confidence they need to stay the course and achieve their financial goals. Keep your current clients and gain new, more confident clients with RiskPro.