Perpetual Suitability™

Aggressive, moderate, and conservative are so yesterday.

How RiskPro® Achieves Perpetual Suitability

Emotions are an essential part of what makes us human. But when it comes to investing, these emotions are often irrational. The more complex the choice and the more uncertain the subject matter, the more emotions may influence the investment decision.

This investor cycle of emotions - optimism, excitement, doubt, fear, panic, and capitulation - has a common thread, a simple lack of understanding. With Perpetual Suitability at its core, RiskPro is built to reverse that cycle and restore confidence and accountability in the investment decision making process.

Step 1: Use RiskPro to distill down the complex mathematical equations of portfolio management into terms everyone in the investment community can clearly understand, including the end investor.

Step 2: Use RiskPro to guide portfolio construction that will accurately align with an investor’s Personal Risk Budget™.

Step 3: Use the RiskPro data-driven account surveillance system to monitor every investment account under your firm’s management responsibility daily.

Our one-of-a-kind account monitoring and surveillance system alerts advisers and enterprise back office personnel of any breaches in client account risk alignment.

Investor account transparency allows firms to protect themselves from possible gaps in regulatory requirements.

What was once unseen risk is now revealed through the power of RiskPro.

It’s what we call Perpetual Suitability™.

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