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Better User Experience

Better User Experience

  • Clean, responsive design delivers a complete experience to all major computers, browsers, and tablets.
  • New enterprise-data oriented framework drives and supports all workflows.
  • New dashboards illuminate books of business to manage clients, proposals, and models.
  • Secure, encrypted, 100% cloud-based framework.
  • Automation of personal and institutional model management and drift monitoring.
  • Leverages Firm Data for Users, RepIDs, Splits, and Risk Profiles.
  • More secure single sign-on method SAML 2.0 industry standard
Better Account Coverage

Better Account Coverage

  • Daily updates and monitoring of accounts with custodian-updated Risk Profiles for most accounts.
  • Flexible account search lets you focus on accounts by Account Prefix, Market Value, Registration Type, RepID, Custodian, and more.
  • Track Risk Profiles, RPQs, Risk Budget Overrides, and statuses for all accounts.
  • All proposal history versions are available online for viewing.
  • Home office tracks Risk Profile Questionnaire paperwork receipts.
  • Separation of Proposal and Account Workflows.
  • Improved ability to link actual Accounts to Proposals.
Better Book Management

Better Book Management

  • Separate workflows for managing Clients, Proposals, and Models
  • Ability to sort, search, and filter dashboard columns, and filter based on various surveillance alerts.
  • Ability to upload assets for inclusion in models and download assets in models for review.
  • Ability to download dashboard results for reporting and process workflow.
  • Better visibility on account status, linking accounts to proposals, and home office receipt of paperwork on accounts.

New Broker/Dealer Reg BI Guidelines

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