The Art of Simplicity

Making it easy to match any client risk tolerance with their portfolio.

Simplicity is an art. One that is becoming increasingly rare in our modern, always on, digitally complex culture. A common tendency is to complicate rather than simplify.

The most successful outliers seem to have a way of distilling and simplifying tasks down to what matters most, and they relentlessly pursue that purpose.

RiskPro is powered by a sophisticated, mathematical algorithm built by some of the most talented Econometricians in the investment management business. For everyday users, the interface is simplified and intuitive throughout the entire process:

  • Clients express in simple dollars the maximum fluctuation they are comfortable with over any future 12-month period. RiskPro then calculates target risk statistics for that portfolio.
  • Advisors may construct their own portfolio, select institutional strategist models or any combination.
  • RiskPro calculates the current volatility of each individual security. Then the proprietary algorithm calculates risk of the overall portfolio using estimated long term mean volatility to determine tolerance over shortcomings of the typical 3-year or 5-year standard deviation.


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