Simultaneous Interpretation

In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, the United Nations implemented a system of “simultaneous interpretation”, interpreting the six major global languages simultaneously through a headphones and channels system. The system was designed to improve communication and mitigate misunderstandings.

Risk Translation

RiskPro®is very similar to the United Nations system of simultaneous interpretation, in that it translates complex portfolio analytics and enterprise risk rules into the language of the investor: “How Much Could I Make or Lose?”

Personal Risk Budget™

Once RiskPro® translates risk tolerance scores to, “how much could I make or lose,” investors may accept or change the amount to determine their own Personal Risk Budget™(PRB). RiskPro® then calculates metrics making it easy for advisors to build a portfolio to match.

Business Development

Business Development

Win new business when you illustrate how much risk a prospect has in their existing portfolio and how you can help them optimize it.

Generate referrals when you empower existing clients to determine their own PRB and gain comfort knowing that their portfolio’s risk is a perfect match.

Manage and Convert brokerage and direct mutual fund accounts to Advisory.

Client Retention

Client Retention

PRB’s help clients feel more comfortable and stay the course during times of market volatility.  This enhances the investor experience and may improve outcomes and retention.

Daily Monitoring of each client’s portfolio in comparison to their PRB risk adds an additional level of confidence in their investment strategy.

Reinforcing these concepts  regularly enhances the client  experience and is a major differentiator for advisors.

No Assembly Required

No Assembly Required

Single Sign-On (SSO) into RiskPro® from the ENVDesktop Launchpad.

View and Manage your entire book, includingclient, account and model data on the RiskPro® Dashboard.

Leverage the strengths of RiskPro’s® universal risk translation to create models, and build new or goal modification proposals, seamlessly integrated into ENVworkflows.

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