Perpetual Suitability™

Aggressive, moderate, and conservative are so yesterday.

What is Perpetual Suitability?

Emotions are an essential part of what makes us human. But when it comes to investing, these emotions are often irrational. The more complex the choice and the more uncertain the subject matter, the more emotions may influence the investment decision.

This investor cycle of emotions - optimism, excitement, doubt, fear, panic, and capitulation - has a common thread, a simple lack of understanding. With Perpetual Suitability at its core, RiskPro is built to reverse that cycle and restore confidence and accountability in the investment decision making process.


  • Shifts from traditional, ambiguous risk profiles to clearly defined maximum tolerance levels.
  • Delivers a complete documented process that clearly defines risk in terms a client can understand – maximum dollar gain or loss potential.
  • Makes it simple for advisors to recommend suitable investments with over a 98% statistical probability that maximum tolerance levels will not be exceeded over any 12-month period. Whether selecting institutional model portfolios or constructing their own.
  • Surveillance technology allows advisors and compliance to monitor all client portfolios daily. Should a portfolio fall out of alignment with the client's maximum tolerance levels, advisors and compliance are alerted and steps taken for realignment are fully documented

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